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James Bondsman Bail Bonds new Tumblr Account
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Bail Bonds serve a very important purpose. It helps us access our constitutional rights.I like this snippet from Out on Bail… Free At Last, But Not So Fast … By Tonya Page-Rynerson, California Bail Bondsman

Bail is a Constitutional right – staying out on bail is not. The right to bail allows the defendant to continue with their normal life, work and family while preparing for the case. Without bail, “innocent until proven guilty” would mean nothing. With bail amounts in California regularly set at $20,000 and up, when someone gets arrested, they usually turn to a bail agent to get them out of jail. At a fee of 10% of the full bail amount, the price of freedom is affordable for most people. Innocent or guilty, get arrested, pay the bondsman and you’re free to go where you want, when you want, and do what you want – at least until your Court date.

Not so fast. There’s no such thing as absolute freedom when someone is out on bail. Courts set requirements (called “terms of release”) when a defendant is released on bail. The bail bond contract may impose additional requirements. If a defendant doesn’t follow the terms of his release, the bail agent can – and will – revoke the bail and return the person to jail. The defendant loses a lot when that happens: his freedom, the bail bond fee and possibly the opportunity to be released on bail in the future.

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