Does Bail Work To Promote Justice?

Does Bail Really Work To Promote Justice?

In the United States, there are roughly 15,000 bail bond agents, representing a $14-billion-per-annum industry. These bond bail bonds frederick mdagents, which provide surety — or third-party payment and responsibility — services for low flight-risk arrestees who cannot afford to pay their bail, in many cases offer the only possibility of avoiding long pretrial detentions. As the court system is increasingly taking longer and longer to discharge cases due to shrinking budgets and a rollback on available resources, the possibility of a lengthy pretrial detention only increases, inviting the risk of detainees losing jobs, missing social and familial obligations and incurring social stigma.This is complicated in part due to the fact that a higher standard for bail has been imposed extralegally. Most states have laws that inherited…

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If the author really wants to write a legitimate story on pretrial release on bail then he should focus less on how wrong having people pay to post bail is and rather focus on the results. Every study ever done on the subject of pretrial release has shown that financially secured bail is the most effective form of releasing an individual pretrial and ensuring their appearance in court. Additionally, people are not languishing away in jail because they can’t afford a bail bond. In fact a recent study by the JFA Institute that was funded by the ACLU showed that the 70% of people who are in pretrial status in Los Angeles County Jails were not all there because they couldn’t afford a bail bond. Rather the research showed that most of them were there because their pretrial status also included a “no bail” criteria. The actual number of people eligible for bail was only 12%. It is time for proponents of public sector pretrial release to stop blaming private industry for being ineffective when the truth is quite the opposite. Financially secured bail exists and has existed not because the big bad bail bond lobby, but rather because it works.

Ask yourself this question. Why does your county government financially guarantee through a surety bond of some type, just about every other element of its operations? From employee contracts to vendor agreements to construction contracts the county requires these types of insurance products to make sure that their vendors and contractors guarantee their performance. Why do they not require the same financial guarantee in the criminal justice system? Why don’t they require the same financial guarantee when it comes to public safety? That is exactly what the commercial bail industry does. It financially guarantees to the court that the defendant will show up or the policy (or bail bond) goes into default and the full amount of the bond is due to the court. It is this financial incentive that makes bail bond agents so effective and ensuring appearance and ultimately ensuring justice. It is time the public start demanding results for our tax dollars. If public sector pretrial service programs can not prove their effectiveness like the commercial bail industry does everyday, than they should go back to what they were designed to do in the first place, which is help the indigent and those with special needs as opposed to being a get out of jail free program for people.

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Choosing the Best Bail Bonds Company

bail bonds

How to choose the best bail bonds company

The aim of a bail bonds organization is always to give clients a secure as well as efficient discharge from prison until their timetabled trial day. In the event you or perhaps somebody you really know is arrested by the police, the very last thing you desire would be to stop life and also allow the person to sit in jail. But, any time someone is arrested by the police, perhaps you feel as though you simply cannot afford the bail; this is when a bail bondsman comes to the rescue.

Any time someone is arrested by the police, a bail bonds organization will assist you to get out of jail by asking for a percentage of the entire bail sum of money — generally in most states 10%. In figuring out which bail company is best for you, you may evaluate them by license level, working experience, if they really are ready to provide you with some sort of funding. In addition to those attributes, perhaps you may think about their availability of help and if they provide no collateral bail bonds.

One of the main reasons of choosing the best organization is if or not they are really certified to work in your jurisdiction. Whenever you choose a bondsman, they must be certified as well as have a good standing in the community in which you need help. Nearly all bail agents licensing is done by a state department of insurance. You will be in a position to verify the license status online.

A bondsman’s practical experience additionally performs an important part in factoring the perfect bail agency to make use of. Employing a much more experienced bail bonds organization may possibly provide for a rapid release, because they will know more about the jail system as well as the documents needed. A bondsman with a very long history can write larger bonds much more readily therefore you may really feel much more trust based upon the longevity of the business.

Financing as well as means of payment are often important to consider when selecting which organization to make use of for your bail bond needs. Trying to find a bondsman that accepts cash, check, or credit cards might be your key concern; whereas other organizations might also include financing, loans as well as other kinds of payment in order to be able to make bail more affordable. Do not be deceived by low advertised bail charges; you might probably be looking at a costly finance plan and will not be informed until you finally sign the agreement. If making payments is critical for you, make sure you find a bail agent who does not charge fees or interest.

One more consideration is collateral, which can or might not be necessary. It is up to the bondsman if collateral is needed for the bond. The majority will need collateral equaling and also at times exceeding beyond the amount of the bond. One hundred-fifty percent (150%) of the bond as collateral is normal in the bail business. Collateral takes care of the organization in the event that the defendant does not appear in court and has to be found and also re-arrested. Collateral is usually in the form of real estate (which means your home). As you can imagine, a lot of people do not want to sign their home on a bail bond — not forgetting that nowadays lots of people do not possess tangible equity in their homes. You will find bondsmen who can offer no collateral bail bonds. If it is crucial, make sure you find it. Finally, the availability of the organization may be an issue to you. Individuals get arrested by the police at all hours – many of them are not normal business hours. A very good bondsman needs to be available 24/7. Furthermore, certain organizations provide you with “virtual bail,” which means bail by email or fax. Certain organizations will come to you if that is definitely essential to you.

In bail, there are lots of choices. Finding the ideal bail bonds organization means finding the organization that is best suited for your needs. Make sure you get almost all your questions responded to, but do not be scared to get what exactly you need when searching for a bail bond.

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James Bondsman Bail Bonds new Tumblr Account

James Bondsman Bail Bonds new Tumblr Account
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Bail Bonds serve a very important purpose. It helps us access our constitutional rights.I like this snippet from Out on Bail… Free At Last, But Not So Fast … By Tonya Page-Rynerson, California Bail Bondsman

Bail is a Constitutional right – staying out on bail is not. The right to bail allows the defendant to continue with their normal life, work and family while preparing for the case. Without bail, “innocent until proven guilty” would mean nothing. With bail amounts in California regularly set at $20,000 and up, when someone gets arrested, they usually turn to a bail agent to get them out of jail. At a fee of 10% of the full bail amount, the price of freedom is affordable for most people. Innocent or guilty, get arrested, pay the bondsman and you’re free to go where you want, when you want, and do what you want – at least until your Court date.

Not so fast. There’s no such thing as absolute freedom when someone is out on bail. Courts set requirements (called “terms of release”) when a defendant is released on bail. The bail bond contract may impose additional requirements. If a defendant doesn’t follow the terms of his release, the bail agent can – and will – revoke the bail and return the person to jail. The defendant loses a lot when that happens: his freedom, the bail bond fee and possibly the opportunity to be released on bail in the future.

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Why Choose a Trusted Bail Bond Company?

Why Choose Trusted Bail Bond Company?

You will never know under what circumstances you will be at. You may be put during times where you will have to be charged of some.
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2014 Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Law enforcement agencies all across TX joined together to actively serve outstanding arrest warrants. The Dallas City Marshall’s Office again joined the annual state-wide effort.

The Warrant Roundup Started March 1st. The mission of the roundup was to reduce the number of outstanding warrants throughout the state. Law enforcement officers were arresting anyone who had unpaid citations that have gone to warrant.

. . .

Offenders who have not resolved their warrants are subject to having a hold placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration. They are also subject to having their driver license renewals denied, and being arrested and jailed. a hold being placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Scofflaw Program) or being arrested and jailed. In Dallas and other cities, drivers may also be subject to denial of their driver’s license renewal.

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Victims’ Families Worried about Suspects’ Low Bond

Victims’ Families Worried about Suspects’ Low Bond

COLUMBUS (Lisa Rantala/Kate Liebers) — The bond hearings of two recent murder cases had two very different outcomes, and the victims’ families are not pleased. The family of Kristina Petree, who survived an attack that killed her husband, said they fear what might happen if the alleged murderer were to post bail. Petree’s sister, Fonda Wall, said the judge let her down when he set suspected killer Montez Hollins’s bond at $150,000.

“I wanted him to have no bail,” Wall said. “I wanted him not to get out.” The bond was low compared to other bonds assigned last week; three felony arraignments ended with the judge setting $10-million bonds.

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Skakel granted bail as he awaits new Conn. trial

Skakel granted bail as he awaits new Conn. trial

Skakel was granted bail Thursday after a bond hearing in Stamford Superior Court and was expected to be released … THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE.
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